Friday, January 9, 2009

Short Stays

After attempting my first regency dress (the sad white chemise), I realized that I had to get myself a set of short stays. I wanted to use the Simplicity 4052 pattern, so I found it on ebay and bought it since it is now out-of-print. I was excited about an almost bone-less corset, since I had already made a corset before and the boning had been intense and involved.

I had some cotton muslin on hand, and some stiff blue fabric (have no idea of what type, I had gotten it so long ago), so I decided to use them. I didn't feel like going out and investing in duck cloth and the like if my first attempt was just going to come out crappy. Plus, I was rather impatient to get started :)

It turned out ok in the end, and only a few days ago actually did I finally get around to finishing the edges. The sewing is quick and sloppy, but the stay works well enough for now under a dress. The eyelets are hand sewn and only half done (hehe), but I plan on doing some hand sewing in the near future so they will probably get done then.

Overall, I'm happy with my first attempt at this pattern. I will most likely make a better version in the future.

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