Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blue-Green Summer Dress

This dress was again done with the simplicity 4055 pattern, this time with some slight alterations in the bodice. I lengthened it to give more gathering at the front, and I altered the back neckline a bit as well so that it would fall nicer.

For this dress I used a greenish-blue small checker pattern cotton fabric. The bodice is lined with bleached
cotton muslin. The skirt and the sleeves are unlined.

I'm ok with how this one came out. Its again not the best fabric choice as the gown ends up looking a little stiff,
but o well. Also, I think I might have burned the back a bit while ironing...oops. Overall, its wearable but I hope to take all that I learned making this gown (and others) and apply it to some better gowns in the future.

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