Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little re-organizing...

So, I have decided to split up my crafting and historical sewing into two different blogs. This one will become crafting-only and historical sewing is moving over to livejournal (under cotton_muslin).

just fyi! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its been a while...

Well, as it sadly goes with me and blogging, it has been a while since I have updated. So, instead of studying for a final tomorrow, I decided that OF COURSE it's now the perfect time to catch up!

A lot has happened in my small world of sewing. So much that I have officially weirded out my poor, long suffering roomate by prancing around the apartment in my newest constructions. All the more reason to find an outlet for my growing costume collection!

Firstly, as predicted, I have moved wholy into the 18th century realm. Yay! As it stands right now, I have:

-Pocket Hoops, the pattern right from Corests and Crinolines.
-Chemise, based on the instructions from here. It isnt hemmed yet and needs some fixing at the collar but o well...
-A not-quite finished Stays, also from Corsets and Crinolines (see previous entry). It has all its grommets sewn in at least! Enough to wear around for fittings.
Two Under-Petticoats, thanks to Koshka's wonderfully helpful guide here

Next on the agenda is an over-petticoat and a Caraco from Janet Arnold's patterns. I want to eventually make a gown or two from this period, but I have decided to start out with some smaller pieces to get a foothold on the period and on scaling up and adjusting patterns. Still havent gotten that down to a science...

Pics and posts on individual pieces soon!