Saturday, April 4, 2009

Other crafting distractions...

After spending almost all of this past January and some of February deep in the land of period clothing, March saw me needing a break. Not from sewing it would seem, just from clothing. Enter, the quilt...or perhaps, re-enter.

About, oh, maybe 5 years ago I went through a brief quilting phase, and managed to accomplish an entire quilt top. That's where I stopped however, and it has been in a closet ever since...right beside its border fabric, backing fabric, and batting. Really, I had no excuse.

Now, I find myself yet again interested in quilting and really, its just another thing I am going to have no place to store the supplies for! O well. Like that has ever stopped me before. Anyways, instead of finishing my old quilt, I started this one (not my fault! the other quilt was not available to work on...). So far, its just a crib sized top, but the batting is bought and the backing cut out. Its going to get a nice border and then I will pin it, and start hand quilting it. I haven't decided what type of pattern I will be doing, but it will be either in-the-ditch or something equally as simple. And this time, I have every intention of getting it finished and using it! Stay tuned! It may take me a while to get back to it, but I'm hoping to at some point this month. So, not top priority, but still on the schedule.

Enjoy a close-up of some of the piecing.

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