Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bodice test, take one

So this past fall, I made up a fun, historical-accuracy-be-damned, Renaissance outfit because my roommate and I were determined to go to a Ren Faire. It was a lot of fun and the costumes worked up pretty fast. I even got to actually wear my Victorian corset, although I was ready to get out of it by the end of the day. The Faire was lots of fun too, and there were so many fun costumes to see! We want to go again this summer if we can, so a little while back I started looking into different patterns to try out for this year.

This one is technically called a "corset" but it really works up to be just a slightly boned bodice that ends at the natural waist. It worked up very fast and turned out pretty good. I redrafted the princess seam like front a bit, not liking how my other bodice pattern sort of bubbled a bit in the chest area with the corset underneath.

To make this I used another mystery fabric, in the blue stripes, for the front and then just a striped sheet fabric for the lining. It actually ended up looking a lot sharper than I anticipated. The whole thing laces together at the front, two sides and then at the straps. So, LOTS of grommets to sew if I ever want to use this, which I may not. Unfortunately, it falls a bit awkwardly at the natural waist and I'm not sure a skirt would sit correctly under it. I am toying with the idea of actually forming it into a sort of dress by adding some skirt panels right to the bottom hem (which is still unfinished as you can see). The sides are all boned with featherweight boning around the grommets for support when lacing.

Oh, the pattern I used was Butterick B4669, combined view B minus the ruffle thing at the back.

I really love the blue fabric and I want to use it again, but unfortunately it was a remnant piece and I think I only got about a yard and a half of it. Sigh.

Enjoy a shot of the back with one front/side panel sort of laced up, and then a close up of the same lacing.

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